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How The Radical Right Distorts The Science Of Gender

In his book “The Attack on the Family and the European Response,” Roberto Fiore launches a homophobic tantrum and distorts the science of gender. “Never has the institution of the family been put in such jeopardy as it is today. Wars, tyrannical rulers and the reducing of entire peoples into slavery, although never absent from… Continue reading “How The Radical Right Distorts The Science Of Gender”

Turning Family Into a Political Weapon

A descriptive and benign term, “family” has been turned into the primary frontier of social wars by the radical right. In March 2019, the World Congress of Families (WCF), in collaboration with the International Organization for the Family (IOF), organized its 13th conference, “The Wind of Change: Europe and the Global Pro-Family Movement,” in Verona, Italy.… Continue reading “Turning Family Into a Political Weapon”