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COVID-19 Could Be A Harbinger Of Authoritarianism

Radical right governments are exploiting COVID-19 as an excuse to expand their power. There are few worse culprits than Hungary’s Viktor Orbán. In his televised 9 April Easter message, the Catholic Church’s spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Bucharest, Father Francisc Dobos, said that the disciples of Jesus ‘feared the Jews, and here in the bracket… Continue reading “COVID-19 Could Be A Harbinger Of Authoritarianism”

What Hungary’s Nationalist Farmers Have Against Orban

The Hungarian far right envisages agricultural alternatives to Viktor Orban’s populism. Balint is a 30-year-old PhD student from northern Hungary, with expertise in organic farming and environmentally friendly agriculture. Well educated and fluent in English, Balint talks with passion about his daily work at an organic farm, hiking and spending time in nature. An expert… Continue reading “What Hungary’s Nationalist Farmers Have Against Orban”