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Tommy Robinson and the Transformation of the British Far Right

Tommy Robinson has been transformed into a truly global figure, a purported martyr for the dispossessed and the most influential radical-right leader in Britain since Sir Oswald Mosley. Following Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment in May for contempt of court, the #FreeTommy campaign demonstrated just how much the British radical right has changed in a short space of time. It has… Continue reading “Tommy Robinson and the Transformation of the British Far Right”

The Far Right’s Transatlantic Money Train

Why are American groups funding a figure on the British radical right? Since the arrest of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson for breaching reporting restrictions on a trial and his subsequent imprisonment on contempt of court charges, a large movement has gathered to demand his freedom. Despite Robinson’s release from jail following an appeal —… Continue reading “The Far Right’s Transatlantic Money Train”

The Hidden Success of the Far Right’s “Free Tommy” Campaign

If you thought the campaign to free Tommy Robinson was a failure, think again. On June 9, London saw a convergence of thousands of demonstrators to protest the jailing of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known to most as Tommy Robinson, formerly of the radical-right English Defence League (EDL). Robinson had been arrested for breach of the peace… Continue reading “The Hidden Success of the Far Right’s “Free Tommy” Campaign”