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Germany: the role of women in radical right terrorism

Women must not be underestimated in their function as active participants in radical right terrorist groups. When the German radical right terrorist group “Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund” (“National Socialist Underground”) (NSU) was revealed in 2011, one aspect particularly intrigued the media and the general public: A woman, Beate Zschäpe, had been a key member of the group.… Continue reading “Germany: the role of women in radical right terrorism”

The Hindu Right’s War on Women

The right-wing promise to protect “Hindu traditions” offers shelter to male constituencies troubled by the apparent threat of women’s professional and sexual independence in modern India. In his savage book, Capital: The Eruption of Delhi, on the nature of India’s capital’s transformation as a global metropolis, Rana Dasgupta describes the besieged forms of Indian patriarchy in the modern city… Continue reading “The Hindu Right’s War on Women”