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What Is Behind India’s Politics of Renaming?

The movement to change India’s national symbolism under the BJP deliberately targets the principal ideas underpinning the vision of India as a secular state. On October 16, 2018, Swami Adityanand, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and well known Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Hindu-right hardliner, announced a change of name of one of north India’s… Continue reading “What Is Behind India’s Politics of Renaming?”

The Hindu Right’s War on Women

The right-wing promise to protect “Hindu traditions” offers shelter to male constituencies troubled by the apparent threat of women’s professional and sexual independence in modern India. In his savage book, Capital: The Eruption of Delhi, on the nature of India’s capital’s transformation as a global metropolis, Rana Dasgupta describes the besieged forms of Indian patriarchy in the modern city… Continue reading “The Hindu Right’s War on Women”

Scientifically Protecting Cows: Hindutva’s Fascination With Cattle Science

It is possible for one to accept the scientific benefits of cow-dung as an alternative energy source in agricultural communities. But, when one hears a self-styled cow protector proudly say, ‘‘cow’s one gram ghee [clarified butter], if we were to light it in front of God [during a prayer], it would produce 100 kilograms of… Continue reading “Scientifically Protecting Cows: Hindutva’s Fascination With Cattle Science”