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How The Radical Right Is Mansplaining Black Lives Matter

Radical right misogynists are falsely claiming the root cause of the Black Lives Matter protests isn’t racial injustice, but fatherless homes. The Black Lives Matter movement is monumental not only because it has challenged the significance of material monuments to historical racism, but also because it has sparked multiple globalized campaigns against all forms of… Continue reading “How The Radical Right Is Mansplaining Black Lives Matter”

#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy

The TradWives debate is a new and effective recruiting tool for the growing intersection between toxic masculinity and white supremacy. When BBC Stories aired in January 2020 the short documentary “‘Submitting to my husband like it’s 1959’: Why I became a TradWife” reactions were passionate. On the one hand, those who focused on the home-cooked… Continue reading “#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy”

What the Red Pill Means for Radicals

Taking the red pill, for both the manosphere and the alt-right, is the beginning of a process of radicalization in which an individual becomes enculturated in an extreme, reactionary worldview. Alek Minassian’s vehicular attack in Toronto in April has brought the term “incel” into the public spotlight. “Incel” signifies an “involuntary celibate” — a male… Continue reading “What the Red Pill Means for Radicals”