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#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy

The TradWives debate is a new and effective recruiting tool for the growing intersection between toxic masculinity and white supremacy. When BBC Stories aired in January 2020 the short documentary “‘Submitting to my husband like it’s 1959’: Why I became a TradWife” reactions were passionate. On the one hand, those who focused on the home-cooked… Continue reading “#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy”

Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization

Toxic masculinity and masculine insecurity are easy targets for promoters of self-radicalization, leading more young men towards violence. Of the one hundred and thirty-three incidents of far-right terror carried out by individuals in the United States since 1995, all but one were perpetrated by men (SPLC, Terror From The Right). On a global scale, when… Continue reading “Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization”

Radical-Right Radicalization, From the Domestic to the Global

Radical-right radicalization appears to be focused on global and increasingly existential scenarios rather than on domestic or national issues. Radical-right radicalization has quickly moved from being a fringe domestic phenomenon to a mainstream global movement. The radical right, albeit always internationally connected and aligned across individual states, has over the last decade moved to increasingly… Continue reading “Radical-Right Radicalization, From the Domestic to the Global”

Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics

These memes frame violent mass murder as sanctified white male dominance and a pathway for disaffected young white men to recover their “proper” masculinity. A new series of memes are being shared on social media platforms, including 4Chan and the 8Chan replacement EndChan. These memes visually connect violent Incel culture – an offshoot of Pick… Continue reading “Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics”