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On lone wolf terrorism: past, present, and future

While the bodies of victims from the Christchurch shooting last Friday were still warm, including those of 3 and 4-year-old children, social media platforms were busily taking down livestreamed footage from the alleged killer. Due to morbid curiosity and maddening algorithms that saw the terrorist propaganda ‘trending’, Facebook alone removed the video 1.5 million times in 24 hours.… Continue reading “On lone wolf terrorism: past, present, and future”

The far right in the post-digital condition

The year 2019 began quite turbulently for German politics with a politically-charged data leak. One Twitter user published the personal data of politicians, artists and online activists in the fashion of a Christmas calendar, which opened doors every day to reveal private information about its victims. When journalists and security agencies discovered this data leak… Continue reading “The far right in the post-digital condition”

Right-Wing Populism as a Strategy of the Radical Right

The term “right-wing populism,” although commonly used by the German media, has been the subject of intense debate among social scientists, focusing on the central question of whether right-wing populism is an independent political phenomenon that is separate from right-wing extremism, or simply a strategic political option within the radical right. In the context of… Continue reading “Right-Wing Populism as a Strategy of the Radical Right”