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What future for the EU after COVID-19?

The current crisis urgently calls for visions for the EU and, indeed, the world post-COVID-19. Displeasure with ‘the EU’ is increasing, clearly audible among acquaintances, friends, in the media, commentators as well as among some politicians. Where is the EU in the so-called ‘refugee question’, i.e. ‘migration-crisis’? Why doesn’t the EU quickly help the countries particularly… Continue reading “What future for the EU after COVID-19?”

The Swiss People’s Party Versus COVID-19

There are few countries in Western Europe where the radical populist right has been more successful in recent years than in Switzerland. Switzerland poses a fascinating puzzle to anyone interested in contemporary politics. It has a confederate system, which accords a great deal of autonomy and independence to its constituent units, the cantons. Its consociational… Continue reading “The Swiss People’s Party Versus COVID-19”

COVID-19 Will Have Long-Lasting Effects on Migration

The vicious cycle of suppression, spikes in migration, renewed hostilities and reintroduction of restrictive policies could continue for years after the pandemic. A dangerous cycle for immigrants has begun. On April 20, President Donald Trump announced that he would sign an executive order to temporarily halt immigration into the United States in order to curb the spread of… Continue reading “COVID-19 Will Have Long-Lasting Effects on Migration”

Migration Fear-Mongering Distracts From More Severe Crises

As far-right leaders focus on migration, other challenges fall by the wayside. What is the most pressing problem facing the world today? Is it the proliferation of nuclear weapons, threatening the annihilation of the human species? Is it climate change, which could lead to many of the world’s major cities being flooded, or whole regions… Continue reading “Migration Fear-Mongering Distracts From More Severe Crises”

Welfare chauvinism and the ‘hostile environment’ for immigration

Nativism is the norm in much of Europe, where dual welfarism and welfare chauvinism is policy. Nativist rhetoric and ideology has trickled down from radical right politicians to the mainstream and has become the new normal. The days are gone when the welfare state was supported as a safety net for those who needed it… Continue reading “Welfare chauvinism and the ‘hostile environment’ for immigration”