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When Ethnic Minorities Vote For Right-Wing Populism

From Marine Le Pen to Donald Trump, a common claim among right-wing populists is that they represent true democracy. This is based on the idea that an allegedly corrupt elite, usually the established government, does not justly represent “the people”. More often than not, “the people” is defined in narrow ethnic terms, making such populist… Continue reading “When Ethnic Minorities Vote For Right-Wing Populism”

“Right” roads to “pluralism”

Cultural integration, pluralism, and multiculturalism (sometimes termed “mosaics” or “melting pots”) have been largely studied as processes of democratization, one whereby ethnic confrontation is reduced through tolerance and cooperation. The assumption that such socio-political transitions are steps towards a broader sense of equality has made it difficult to understand the emergence of radical right extremism… Continue reading ““Right” roads to “pluralism””

This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like

White supremacists like Richard Spencer advocate for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ of people of color. President Trump’s policies serve that objective. In September, reports hit major news outlets that, Bee Love Slater, a transgender woman of color, was found ‘burned beyond recognition’—the eighteenth transgender woman murdered in the US this year. The veneer of tolerance, the… Continue reading “This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like”