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The Normalization Of Far-Right Populism In Europe

A new coalition agreement in Austria highlights how bigoted, far-right policies are being embraced by mainstream political parties in Europe. The results of the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 have caused great concern in the various national governments of EU member states as well as in the European organizations: Although expected by opinion-makers and… Continue reading “The Normalization Of Far-Right Populism In Europe”

Hyper-Medial Meaning-Making in the Estonian Radical Right

A review of Mari-Liis Madisson (2016) The Semiotic Construction of Identities in Hypermedia Environments: The Analysis of Online Communication of the Estonian Extreme Right, Tartu: University of Tartu Press, 195p. (available online: https://dspace.ut.ee/handle/10062/52174) In the recent Estonian parliamentary elections to Riigikogu (3 March 2019), the radical right-wing populist party EKRE (Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond) made significant… Continue reading “Hyper-Medial Meaning-Making in the Estonian Radical Right”