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Islamophobic Far-Right Counter-Jihad Movement Has Expanded

The radical right Counter-Jihad Movement has grown increasingly decentralized as it pushes Islamophobic rhetoric online. Following the events of 9/11, a strong cross-border anti-Muslim narrative started to emerge. The narrative refers to liberal values ( e.g. liberties, human rights, and religious and political freedoms) of the Western societies, as a civilizational inheritance that need to be protected.… Continue reading “Islamophobic Far-Right Counter-Jihad Movement Has Expanded”

Understanding the Network of Anti-Muslim Groups on Facebook

This article is the third in a series on using social network analysis to explain the structure of extremist online communities and events. The paper that this article is based on will be presented at the 10th International Social Informatics Conference on September 26, 2018. Back in 2017 I began collecting and analyzing social media… Continue reading “Understanding the Network of Anti-Muslim Groups on Facebook”

Data Mining the Radical Right: Using Social Network Analysis Online

“Data mining” is a catch-all term for using techniques from computer science, information retrieval, and statistics to help extract knowledge from large amounts of raw data. Data mining techniques can be used to make predictions and find hidden patterns that might not be readily apparent to a human analyst. I have several decades of experience… Continue reading “Data Mining the Radical Right: Using Social Network Analysis Online”