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Pop Stars Are Combating The Radical Right In New Ways

Pop stars like Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and Taylor Swift are combating radical right ideologies by spreading messages of inclusion and tolerance. To the unobservant, former One Direction heartthrob and chart-topping singer Harry Styles might not seem like the person to challenge toxic masculinity and demonstrate how to be a powerful ally to queer people,… Continue reading “Pop Stars Are Combating The Radical Right In New Ways”

Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization

Toxic masculinity and masculine insecurity are easy targets for promoters of self-radicalization, leading more young men towards violence. Of the one hundred and thirty-three incidents of far-right terror carried out by individuals in the United States since 1995, all but one were perpetrated by men (SPLC, Terror From The Right). On a global scale, when… Continue reading “Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization”

What the Red Pill Means for Radicals

Taking the red pill, for both the manosphere and the alt-right, is the beginning of a process of radicalization in which an individual becomes enculturated in an extreme, reactionary worldview. Alek Minassian’s vehicular attack in Toronto in April has brought the term “incel” into the public spotlight. “Incel” signifies an “involuntary celibate” — a male… Continue reading “What the Red Pill Means for Radicals”