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When you’re Right you’re Right: Russia in America’s Place

During the Cold War (1947-1989), American foreign policy was dominated by fears of Soviet expansionism. These fears were heightened by the possibility that Communist regimes would come to power in various parts of the world. These worries were not imaginary. China went through a red revolution in 1949. Pro-Soviet regimes came to power in Cuba,… Continue reading “When you’re Right you’re Right: Russia in America’s Place”

Anti-extremist legislation in Russia  

In its legislative activity, Russia, it would seem, continues to move along the general European trend of tightening anti-extremist norms and immigration laws. However, there are significant and important differences. On August 1, 2017, Vladimir Putin signed a law that prohibits individuals who have previously been convicted of incitement to hatred and discriminatory practices on… Continue reading “Anti-extremist legislation in Russia  “