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Eco-fascism ‘proper’: the curious case of Greenline Front

Introduction Eco-fascism, mostly associated with the ‘green wing’ in historical National Socialism and neo-Malthusian authoritarians of the 1960s/70s, is an iridescent concept that signifies the preoccupation of extreme-right actors with environmentalist concerns. As such, it is also a highly loaded term, used both academically and as a slur. The term has recently attracted particular attention… Continue reading “Eco-fascism ‘proper’: the curious case of Greenline Front”

Analysing the Micro-Politics of Right-wing Populism

This article is based on extracts from the following book: The politics of fear. What right-wing populist discourses mean (extracts). Ruth WODAK, 2015, Los Angeles / London / New Delhi / Singapore / Washington DC, SAGE.   Are not all politicians populists? Don’t other politicians sometimes construct scapegoats and use similar rhetorical tropes as do… Continue reading “Analysing the Micro-Politics of Right-wing Populism”

Ethnos or demos? Some reflections on (anti-)minority politics

Conflicts between national minorities and majorities have sadly become a routine part of politics in Europe today. Beyond the political, societal and social conflict between national minority(-ies) and majority(-ies), an ever-present and important role is also played by the increasingly fine distinctions in terminology as well as the insinuation of interpretative overtones within the constellation… Continue reading “Ethnos or demos? Some reflections on (anti-)minority politics”