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A New Wave of Right-Wing Terrorism

Right-wing terrorism is a growing threat for democratic societies globally. With rising numbers in death tolls and far-right narratives creeping into the mainstream, the extreme right assumed a new face through the digital dissemination of extremist propaganda and trivialising violence – thereby attracting new audiences. Greater cooperation is required between the state, researchers, and tech… Continue reading “A New Wave of Right-Wing Terrorism”

The radical right is exploiting a Swedish teen’s murder

The tale concocted about Tommie Lindh’s death has become an excuse to target minorities, particularly Muslims, with violence. In early May 2020, a 19-year-old was murdered in a small, relatively obscure city in northern Sweden. But search for the young man’s name online – Tommie Lindh – and you’ll get hit after hit from far-right… Continue reading “The radical right is exploiting a Swedish teen’s murder”

The effects of censoring the far-right online

Using covert speech to avoid detection and migrating to more extremist platforms underlines that censoring far-right actors from social media is not always an easy or desirable practice. Since 2016, censorship of far-right groups and individuals on social media platforms has been the subject of much public discussion. With the implementation of laws to counter… Continue reading “The effects of censoring the far-right online”

Pop Stars Are Combating The Radical Right In New Ways

Pop stars like Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and Taylor Swift are combating radical right ideologies by spreading messages of inclusion and tolerance. To the unobservant, former One Direction heartthrob and chart-topping singer Harry Styles might not seem like the person to challenge toxic masculinity and demonstrate how to be a powerful ally to queer people,… Continue reading “Pop Stars Are Combating The Radical Right In New Ways”