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Have We Seen the Eternal Return of Fascism?

Unlike yesterday’s fascists, today’s radical right-wing leaders propagate neither territorial expansion nor anything close to the racial laws of the 1930s. Björn Höcke is public enemy number one in present-day Germany. At least that’s what German media suggest. Höcke is a leading exponent of the “völkisch” wing of Alternative for Germany (AfD), the country’s radical right-wing populist… Continue reading “Have We Seen the Eternal Return of Fascism?”

Psychiatrists Raise Alarms About Trump After Mueller Report

The “Goldwater Rule” established that health experts wouldn’t comment on the mental health of public officials. Trump caused experts to break that rule. Back in 1964 the Republican nominee for president Barry Goldwater received strong support from members of the John Birch society. Among other things, they expressed admiration for his commitment to winning the… Continue reading “Psychiatrists Raise Alarms About Trump After Mueller Report”